Transformation, innovation and modernisation are key factors in today's business world. We offer expertise and insight and assist organisations and individuals to improve and develop. Typical client results include increased profit, clear purpose and strategy and holistic organisation.
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Lynn Gate

The Office Company offers managed business space and many tenants are businesses which welcome help with a range of advice and back office services. We try to signpost these or offer them ourselves. reserved domain . Sheila Stokes White, of Strategic Solutions Ltd, provided us with facilitated lunches which brought together a number of local entrepreneurs to discuss their growth needs and perspectives on business. We were interested to hear their views in order to refine our own product and services. Sheila facilitated these events with great skill. She created just the right environment to stimulate, challenge and harness the thinking around the table. Weitranammildy . Her wide range of experience and expertise created an enjoyable opportunity to network, share and learn.

Lynn Gate, Managing Director, The Office Company

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